Harvey and Sam are clearly not a good idea their friendship

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Canada Goose online The clothing and handcraft stalls in the markets are run mostly by women from the ethnic hill tribe groups, mainly Hmong and Dzao of various colour persuasions red, black, white, green/blue, largely dependent on predominant dress colours, but all culturally quite different and all magnificently dressed in intricately woven materials.Stocking up our driver for the Sapa adventure.The walk around the Ho Sa Pa Lake is extremely pleasant and you readily see why the well to do for that read merchants and Communist Party officials choose to live on its banks.And the Sapa Culture Museum is well worth an hour or two.Restaurant wise, there’s plenty of choice, but my advice is to stick with local fare, which is cheap, nutritious and mostly good. Straying into cuisines such as Italian what were we thinking? seems to bring nothing but disappointment and higher costs.Wine, as everywhere in Vietnam, is problematic, despite the country’s strong French connection. But the beer such as Hanoi and 333 (‘ba ba ba’) is plentiful, cheap and eminently drinkable.The young Red Dao woman who guided us on three wonderful days around Sapa.Next morning we meet our guide, a young Red Dzao woman who married a few years ago, has a couple of young children and lives nearby with family Canada Goose online.

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